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Commentaire de zivadira To broaden your knowledge, there are Achievements that change the drop rate of some items. So we’ll see what happens next week. Victory rush the adds and health regen is nice. Not a lot of people remember the days of farming the baron mount bre-BC huh? Couldn’t remember what each beam did and exhausted myself « remembering. Proto-Drake dropped times out of kills. The Burning Crusade 2.

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Lesson here is Master Loot even though people in your group might refuse that since altasloot they don’t know you and you might just ninja it! Commentaire de Leat Finally dropped for me today, been soloing since the day cata came out. I’ve heard of this, but never seen it confirmed. Commentaire de suniki I got it around 30 minutes ago And i won it.

Being BM is easy to solo, MD to pet, keep pet heal up, camo to boss, run should take atalsloot minutes. Signaler Commenter la réponse de alcha the hunt. Commentaire de Joemeatballs You people and your drop-rate formulas are killing me. Undocumented change, may be a fluke. Commentaire de Grimeripe Odds wtlasloot, that if you’re farming it, someone not farming it will get it first!

Can you run it more than once a day? Commentaire de BethofHearts Winning the roll for this mount is sweet, until you realize you dont have the money to learn how to fly it: Another tactics read but not verified is to pull him outside his chamber, in the room before the small entrance, wiping out the beams effects Commentaire de zero At lvl 85, i can kill him as a fury warrior.


Commentaire de insanelyfat i solo’d netherspite today as an 80 protection paladin. AlphaMap Je n’ai pas trouvé de meilleur version pour la 4.

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Commentaire de Leat Finally dropped for me today, been soloing since the day cata came out. Commentaire de Airquotes i saw in the sceenshots the dragon standing, how would you do that? Everyday I offered g per person to come with me xtlasloot H UP and pass on mount so it cost me 6k gold total. All addons are checked and functioning properly. Commentaire de elfrider16 The 3rd boss was really hard for seeing it 5.05 first time, and after he instagibbed 2 of our dps in his whirlwind we 3manned him down in what felt like an epic battle.

Rênes de proto-drake bleu – Objet – World of Warcraft

Please disregard this comment Thing is, the SP is insane in this fight. Think I’ve done the encounter solo for about 27 times.

Commentaire de Asmundr Since 5. Try to burst down skaldi and sprint away and first aid when he whirlwinds.

atlasloot 5.0.5

Since he was almost dead I didn’t move out of the void and chance any atasloot. Commentaire de neldor farmed it for some time now, doing it every day. Might run it the normal way with 4 other people, but since im just doing it for the mount Ainsi ora3 est un addon très polyvalent qui demande un certain temps d’adaptation dû à ses nombreuses aptitudes.


Test your specs and rate your gaming PC. Commentaire de ionthejester I’ve completed all the achievements related to Skadi and am in the progress of farming H. Commentaire de vampiric With the obvious exception of loot that is awarded on time-based prerequisites.

Télécharger addon wow 5.0 5

The haste potion boost was much higher than the few seconds of unboosted damage from skills before the first DP tick, atlsloot I could start to use skills again. Took us 3 goes before we got our rotation and how the beams spawn worked out. Commentaire de DwarfsPwn This just dropped for my group about 40 minutes ago.

Shame on me atlasloto responding to a troll post, but it had to be said. What im trying to say is what is the drop chance of this mount? I’ve never heard of this mount dropping twice in a row, but Im a happy panda. It does require coordination, though.

atlasloot 5.0.5

Commentaire de zomg5 soloed this boss easily as a prot pally.